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Everyone can be a philanthropist to the College of Charleston. Gifts to the Dean’s Excellence Fund at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences are vital to supporting scholarships and internships for students and recruitment of world-class faculty.

Most importantly, your annual gift gives us the ultimate flexibility-to seize opportunities that will advance the mission of the school and address unforeseen challenges faced by faculty and students as they arise.

Your investment is the ultimate vote of confidence in everything a humanities and social sciences education at the College of Charleston stands for and everything it can become.

The future of HSS starts with you. If you share this vision, please consider making a personal and financial commitment to HSS by supporting the Deans Excellence Fund today.


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If you have questions, please contact:

Peggy Cieslikowski
Development Officer
School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Thank you to the generous donors who made a contribution to the Dean's Excellence Fund in 2013

Maxine Walters Ackerman 1949 and Raymond E. Ackerman
Marvell Adams 2000
Alexis Nicole Arnold 2013
Douglas R. Atkins 1986
Derek M. Banov 2011
Ashley Ryan Beach 2011
Deborah Shogry Blalock 1981
Michael Frederick Blanton 2005
Tori G. Goodman and Braye C. Boardman 1991
Betty Reames Britt 1960 and Henry F. Britt
Ann Louise Brown 2010
Nancy Brown and L. Winfield Brown, Jr. 1973
Michelle Donlon Buchanan 1981
Caitlin Buckley 2010
Deborah L. Bussey 1976
Mary Ann Byrnes 1978
Rebecca P. Cheatham and Richard H. Cheatham 1975
Margaret Cieslikowski
Amy S. Condon and Henry G. Condon 1983
Sandra Stephens Corson 1977 and Fred W. Corson
Nancy S. Coursey 1988 and William Coursey
Ragan Aleise DuBose-Morris 1997
Geneva Miller Dunaway 1981 and John M. Dunaway
Neel Lane Ellison 1993
Shawne M. Farmer 1985 and Gregory P. Farmer
Erin Eileen Ferry 2011
Neal Foushee 2003
Julia B. Frost 1998 and Luther H. Frost II 1998
Christopher Michael Fulmer 2000
Bradley Reese Gaber, 2009
Laura J. Gibson, 2009
Jan Muller Goin 1969
Miriam Brotman Gordin 1955 and David Gordin
Martha Roach Gough 2003 and Frank Rosser Gough III
Katherine Anne Heath 2008
Page Heavin and Scott A. Heavin 1993
Lyn B. Helfers and Eric C. Helfers 1966
Jordan Alexander Howard 2011
Ashley Elizabeth Howze 1999
Karen-Marie Hyland 1997 and Jack Hyland
Tanner Woodfin Jacobs 1996
Donna Johnson and Gary W. Johnson 1976
Allison Suzanne Jones 2004
Ezell Branch and Cherisse R. Jones-Branch 1994
Joseph Paul Jowaisas 1996
Liane Terry Kerr 1992 and James Joseph Kerr, Jr.
David A. Lappin 2013
Lawrence Michael Libater 1973
Lisa Liston and Timothy John Liston 2004
Shelma Middleton Little 1989 and Darrin T. Little
Brian J. Loden 2007
Melissa Kiracofe Low 2000 and Theodore Seth Low 2001
Katherine T. Lydon 2007
Jeffrey Crawford Lynn 1998
Mary Baucom Matthews 1984
Matthew D. McClellan 2008
Debra J. McConnell 1973
Isabelle Heppell McCutchen 1962 and Hugh McCutchen, Jr.
Pamela Smith McNish 1988 and Steven McNish
Tony Meyer 1949
Douglas Leon Moody III 2006
Frances Marie Morgann 2005
Meaghan Marion Morrissey 2010
Shannon G. Morton 2007
Carter Murphy 1997
Angela T. Murray and Samuel M. Murray 1975
Joseph Beck Nagle 2011
Burke Oleszewski 2009
Andrew Curtis Orr 2011
Emily Stone Padgett 2012
Jeffery Scott Page  2006
Cady Lynne Patchen 2013
Mary Woodson Poag 1983
Jeffrey Polashuk, 2009
Rebecca Polk and N. Keith Polk, Jr. 1958
Mary Ipock Pope 1976 and James W. Pope
Michele Denise Powe 1996
Cathey Ann Price 2013
Mary Baker Pringle 1968
Ann Looper Pryor 1983 and Gregory Pryor
Kimberly Pyszka 1992
Samuel Cole Rahe 2012
Kimberly Anne Renton 2012
Cannon Reynolds and Mary A. Reynolds 1992
Sumner E. Riddick II 1990 and W. Glenn Hilburn
Charlotte M. Roe and James G. Roe 1951
Juliana Santi Ross 2012
Jennifer Lynn Rumble 2013
Erica Walsh Sarnecky 2001
Donna Dutton and Stephen Schultz
Lucy Marie Sgroi 2013
Tosya Anna Shilling 2001
Barbara Hollings Siegling 2001
Sukhpreet Singh 2013
Krystle Danielle Singleton 2007
Laurie Soenen and Scott Soenen
Anne Elisabeth Edwards South 2008
Martha L. Stackel
Thomas Vance Sturgeon 1981
Scott Allen Thomas 2002
Stephen Langton Thomas 1962
Phuong Kim Tran 2013
Donna Lawhon Trapp 1979
Ann Ward Treat 2004 and Ryan Rath Treat 2003
Janice Kirshtein Turner 1988 and James Turner
Belle Stoddard Tuten 1991 and James H.Tuten 1990
Isabel Simone Wallisch 2011
Heidi S. Whaley and John S. Whaley, Jr. 1972
Neysa Burkes Williams 1995
Kenneth Gregory Wooten III 2002