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Student Opportunities

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences endeavors to maintain a number of valuable opportunities that augment the educational experiences of students in this school. These include:


Chrestomathy, the College of Charleston's journal for outstanding undergraduate research in the humanities and social sciences, publishes an issue highlighting salient research conducted by undergraduates in this school. This project offers HSS students even more opportunities to gain valuable insight and experience in various fields of study while working closely with members of the faculty.

Internship Programs

The goal of an internship program is to initiate  opportunities that provide students with a coherent and cohesive program of integrated learning experiences to support their academic, social and personal development while attending the College and studying within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.  To find out what internship opportunities your department offers please visit their individual department page, which can be found here.

Undergraduate Academic Services

The Undergraduate Academic Services office handles issues related to the academic well-being of the College's undergraduate students. The probation system and various other aspects of the College's academic regulations are coordinated through this office.

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities

Undergraduate participation in professional activities within an academic discipline is now widely accepted as an important component of a quality liberal arts education. The Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities supports creative and scholarly efforts undertaken by undergraduate students in collaboration with faculty mentors. In some cases, the challenging and meaningful research projects or creative activities can form the single most important experience that a student will have in college. Many students have realized their career ambitions and potential as a result of these experiences.