Alexia Eude '10

After attending an exchange program with the French Business School, Alexia Edue '10 knew she wanted to go to college in the United States. Once she got her degree in communication at the College of Charleston, Alexia moved back to France to work as Yacht Charter Manager for Fraser Yachts in Monaco. As a charter manager, Alexia handles the marketing and promotions and event planning for the company - responsibilities that she learned from her classes offered in the communication department.

ALexiaHow would you describe your responsibilities as Charter Manager?

I manage a fleet of yachts for charter which means I take care of renting the yachts. This includes booking the calendar and managing relationships between the client, captain and owner. Typically, in the summer, I take care of yachts that charter in the Mediterranean. In the winter, however, I am mostly in the Caribbean. I attend a lot of yacht shows to promote the yachts, and I handle the company's marketing. 

What drew you to Fraser Yachts?

I was always attracted to the yachting industry. I enjoy knowing that I have a hand in organizating a dream holiday for our clients. I enjoy planning and brainstorming about our clients' next adventures with the owners and captains. I also like taking care of the yachts and organizing events onboard.

Working in this luxurious industry is stressful, yet challenging, with a lot of responsibility. The responsibility increases as we deal with yachts for charter from 30,000 EUR a week to more than a million EUR a week.  Clients can be very demanding!

What advice would you offer students thinking of attending the College?

I have absolutely no regrets about attending the College of Charleston. I would definitely recommend the College to anyone considering it. The campus, atmosphere, courses, and city are amazing. The years I spent in Charleston are some of my most memberable!