Brittany Allgood '10

After completing her undergraduate degree in communications at the University of Georgia, Brittany Allgood '10 decided to fulfill her academic curiousity by exploring communication studies further through a graduate degree at the College of Charleston. Now, Brittany works for Delta Air Lines as a marketing and communications manager.

How would you describe your job responsibilities?

Initially my charge was to build a team and establish programs to support the transformation of Delta’s cargo division. Today I lead a talented cohort responsible for marketing, communications and employee engagement. We support sales, events, product launches, facilities rebranding and joint venture partnerships. This year we've elevated Delta Cargo's brand internally and across the industry.

How did your degree help prepare you in your current role? 

Communication philosophy is applicable in almost every situation. Whether you’re managing a team, collaborating cross-culturally, presenting to executives or earning customer loyalty – effective communication is an invaluable skill. CofC provided a platform to practice and polish this expertise and laid the foundation for a rewarding career.

What do you like most about your job?

The people – being surrounded by incredibly kind, talented colleagues who are happy to be here. The global focus – collaborating with partners located around the world. And Delta’s benevolent corporate philosophy – working for a company that empowers employees to do the right thing.

What drew you to work for Delta Airlines?

I was loving life in Washington, D.C., working for a healthcare communications firm led by a respectable industry leader – and wasn’t fulfilled. An essential ingredient was missing: passion! I began self-actualizing by looking for the intersection of my strengths, interests and long-term goals. New trajectory was set by this renewed focus coupled with Delta’s reputation as a great place to work. Many months of research and strategic outreach were rewarded when the right person believed in my ability to contribute to Delta’s success.

What advice would you offer students interested in pursuing a career similar to yours?

Take time to self-reflect. Begin with these questions: What drives you, gets you excited to get up each day? What experiences are you aiming to achieve? What would make you proud to go to work? How can you make a difference in the world around you? Give your best, be relentless in your pursuits, go with confidence and enjoy the journey!