COVID-19 Narratives

Investigating the Impact of COVID-19 on Campus and Beyond

The Women’s Health Research Team is investigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on campus and beyond. Through two related studies, researchers are conducting quantitative and qualitative research to better understand how individuals are responding to the crisis. Participants (over 18 years old) are invited to complete an anonymous web-based survey and/or to share their stories in written or recorded formats. Participation is completely voluntary.

You have two opportunities to participate. You are welcome to participate in one, both, or neither study.

Factors Influencing COVID-19 Infection and Perceived Susceptibility to COVID-19 Infection among College of Charleston Students

We seek to understand personal, community, and institutional influences on COVID-19 infection and perceived susceptibility to COVID-19 infection among College of Charleston students. Understanding these influences on susceptibility perception could help target containment or mitigation messaging for this demographic should additional waves of COVID-19 infection occur. 

To participate in this research, College of Charleston undergraduate and graduate students are asked to complete an ANONYMOUS questionnaire that should take 20-30 minutes to complete (

Students who complete the questionnaire will have the option to be entered into a drawing to receive one of 60 checks for $50.  This research study has been reviewed by the Human Research Protection Program at the College of Charleston (IRB Approval Code:GLGM-11-06-2020).

COVID-19 in Charleston: Curating Health Narratives in a Time of Crisis

This study is primarily interested not in the experience of having COVID-19, but in the impacts of living through a pandemic. Researchers are seeking stories from students, faculty, and staff at the College, as well as the local community, especially from those who feel that their lived identity has made COVID-19 and its social and ideological repercussions particularly memorable.

Questions such as: If you experienced stress and/or frustration during the pandemic, how did you manage those feelings? How has the pandemic impacted your work, your home life? How prepared do you feel to avoid an infection with the coronavirus? Students will be asked to describe their transition to online learning and faculty/staff will be asked how they have balanced work/life responsibilities.

Researchers will conduct interviews about the experience of living through a pandemic. We would love to hear your story! The interviews will be conducted through Zoom. College of Charleston IRB Approval Code: HFL-10-13-2020.

You can learn more and sign up here: