Faculty & Staff

Faculty Listing

Name Department Areas of Expertise Phone Email
Beres Rogers, Kathleen (Program Director) English Literature and medicine, gender and body studies 843.953.5925 rogerskb@cofc.edu
Delay, Cara History Reproduction, women's health, women's history, gender history 843.953.1420 delayc@cofc.edu
Foley, Allison Sociology & Anthropology Biological anthropology, health and disease research, how social and cultural factors interact with, and influence human biological health 843.953.5738 foleya@cofc.edu
Kollath-Cattano, Christy Public Health Gender and health 843.953.5558 kollathcattanocl@cofc.edu
Korey, Chris Biology Genetics & medicine, genetic technologies, social and ethical issues of genetics, personal genome sequencing 843.953.7178 koreyc@cofc.edu
Leigh Butchek, Erin Theatre & Dance Dance therapy and arts in healing 843.953.6306 leighe@cofc.edu
Hubel, Grace Psychology adverse childhood experiences as a social determinate of health inequity 843.953.5590 hubelgs@cofc.edu
LeVasseur, Todd Religious Studies & Sustainability Studies Sustainable agriculture, sustainability, ecofeminism, ecowomanism, material feminisms, religious studies, environmental history, religion and nature/ecology 843.953.3911 levasseurtj@cofc.edu
Lonon, Anna English Intersection of health and disease, specifically related to cancer and trauma from cancer 843.953.5665 lononab@cofc.edu
Marindin, Debby Professional Studies Ethics related to communication and marketing of health information 843.953.0138 marindindj@cofc.edu
May, Cindi Psychology Examining memories for a medical diagnosis 843.953.5990 mayc@cofc.edu
McLaine, Gretchen Theatre & Dance Mind-body connection and empathy 843.953.5944 mclaineg@cofc.edu
McLean, Kristen International Studies Fatherhood, Masculinities, Gender and Health, Critical Medical Anthropology, West Africa 843.953.1401 mcleanke@cofc.edu
McReynolds-Perez, Julia Sociology & Anthropology Sexualities, global feminist movements, Latin American reproductive rights activism 843.953.6742 mcreynoldsperezja@cofc.edu
ndunda, mutindi Teacher Education Global health and sustainability and the intersection of health, gender, education, income and policy and inequality and inequalities of health opportunities 843.953.8046 ndundam@cofc.edu
Quinn, E. Moore Sociology & Anthropology Language and gender, language and power, language and minorities, linguistic ideologies, sex and power 843.953.7306 quinne@cofc.edu
Steere-Williams, Jacob History Epidemics and the history of science, medicine, and disease 843.953.1420 steerewilliamsj@cofc.edu
Sundstrom, Beth Communication Women's reproductive health, reproductive justice, health communication, social marketing 843.953.7599 sundstrombl@cofc.edu
Turner, Laura Theatre & Dance theatre and drama in non-traditional settings and/or with marginalized communities including areas of social and cultural policy 843.953.6306 turnerl@cofc.edu
Verlinden, Marianne Hispanic Studies Health disparities, health care access, doctor-patient relationships, and cultural dimensions of health in the Spanish-speaking world 843.953.7857 verlindenm@cofc.edu
Ward, James L Art and Architectural History History and development of cultural landscapes; Landscape and urban planning & design 843.953.1800 wardj@cofc.edu
Wentworth, Marjory English Arts and healing, particularly through poetry; Narrative medicine including research, interviews, storytelling, and creative writing. 843.953.5665 wentworthmh@cofc.edu
Jennifer Wilhelm Psychology nervous system regeneration and medical rehabilitation and the barriers that exist in medical care. 843.619.7146 wilhelmjc@cofc.edu
Wright, Jen Psychology Impact of violence and mass trauma on women and marginalized communities; social and environmental justice; structure and function of community; food/housing insecurity and mental health 843.953.8196 wrightjj1@cofc.edu
Young, Lisa English Researches issues of housing, race, and wellness broadly defined through the lens of literature.Healing rituals of the Black community. 843.953.1014 youngl1@cofc.edu
Zimmerman, Anastasia Biology Genetic aspects of immune responses and viral infections 843.953.8083 zimmermana@cofc.edu